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Kickboxing – a self-defence combat sport that integrates karate, boxing and martial arts elements – is an effective exercise format for general fitness, endurance, cardiovascular capacity and strength, which can be incorporated into many types of exercise regimens. SoulFit Kickboxing Fitness program is designed to provide you with the fundamental knowledge and essential skills to become successful in kickboxing.

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Learners will develop the required skills and techniques in high-quality kickboxing – creating a high-intensity, fun, safe and effective workout environment. Our trainers are made up of former pro boxers/kickboxers or fitness industry experts who have been dedicated to classes and tens of thousands of students combining kickboxing/fitness into workouts in the UAE. Are you just starting or have perhaps gained experience from kickboxing classes? We customize your workout experience based on your own needs and goals and then exceed them. An additional level of convenience is that you can work out in my favourite spot. SoulFit genuinely brings greatness to your door.

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