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Self-defence is the art of protecting oneself without weapons, and our specialized class is designed to equip you with the techniques necessary to respond to aggression confidently. At SoulFit, you will learn to effectively counter third-party aggression without resorting to weapons, mastering manoeuvres that can turn the tables in your favour. We cover a comprehensive range of topics to ensure you have the knowledge and skills to safeguard yourself and your family.

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No prior self-defence knowledge is required, and our training is suitable for teenagers and adults. Understanding the physiological stress response and the impact of adrenaline is crucial, and we delve into maintaining a positive mindset and confident body language to enhance safety. While addressing the less pleasant aspects, we provide insights into various attacker profiles and their rituals, aiding you in early detection and prevention of potential threats. Legal aspects, including self-defence, pre-emptive strikes, and relevant laws, are also discussed, ensuring you are well-informed. We are committed to ensuring you feel at ease, making the learning process effective and empowering

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